According to family lore, I started reading books to myself when I was three. As far as anyone can tell, I haven’t stopped since. As I got older, I moved on from picture books and board books and started reading Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High, then graduated to sneaking V.C. Andrews under the covers and tucking romance novels from the library into my text books, fooling no one. I still consider Stephen King to be a favorite author and I will read anything he publishes. I love books, particularly romance novels, but I’ll read any genre as long as the story is good. I recently began reading comics as well, and I feel like I will never catch up on those. I still read the occasional board book, too, like Neil Gaiman’s Chu’s Day, which I recommend everyone read because it is adorable. I live in the Midwest with my husband, who is very understanding about my book habit, and our two rescue dogs Oliver (black and white) and Archibald (white), but I’m an Anglophile at heart who loves to annoy everyone around me by referring to the NFL as “that American football organization” and trying to make “jolly good” catch on.